“Thank you for my curly cape! I am in love with it! It absorbs the water from my hair without me having to towel dry and it handled my product heavy style like a pro! I can’t wait to use it when applying makeup. This is everything I didn’t know I needed but now I won’t be able to live without!”


“The curly cape is absolutely awesome! I recently brought the curly cape with me to use at the beauty shop and it did not disappoint! The curly cape is extremely absorbent which allowed me to sit comfortably without feeling water drip into a puddle onto the collar of my shirt. Also, the cape is stylish so whether you are getting a blow out, a fresh press, or braids you’ll look chic doing it. This is a must have!”


“This cape is a MUST HAVE! It was created as a hair product but this thing works for way more than that! I use it when I’m putting on makeup, self care Sunday masks and skin care regimens. For any beauty routine the Curly Cape is the MVP! I got the red light special! Everyone get yours now before they are all gone!”


“I purchased the all black everything cape. I love my cape! I’m sure I’ll be purchasing a red one soon!”


“The curly cape is the beauty accessory that we didn’t know we needed. The fabric is soft and warm but not so heavy where you will get too hot. I appreciate the satin neck to protect my natural tresses, although I find myself putting it on more often to apply my make-up than anything. I can just get dressed and put on the cape and then my face. I was so over stretching out the necks of my shirts or covering my face with a towel to then put on my shirt and potentially mess up my make-up. Definitely a great buy!”


“I don’t do a lot of washing my hair now. I mainly use it for makeup application. I love it though! It takes away the stress of messing up my clothes especially white tops with makeup. And it’s cozy to wear while sitting under the dryer when I do wash my hair.

My only thing is that it is kind of heavy so it gets a little warm wearing it for a long period of time maybe because of the inside material. Other than that I really do love it it’s hella convenient.”