Tired of Hair Product & Water Dripping On Your Shoulders During Wash Day?

The Curly Cape is a PATENT PENDING Beauty Accessory made to protect your skin and clothes from water, liquid products and make-up products used for the hair and face. This product is the only beauty cape that is machine washable, durable, comfortable and most importantly absorbent. With The Curly Cape, you no longer have to worry about what to wear as you “Maintain Your Mane” or “Blend Your Beat”.

Purchase The Curly Cape and “Keep The ‘Prody’ Off Your Body!”

The Curly Cape is a Trademarked and Patent Pending product that is only sold via The Curly Cape Website and other approved Distributing Retailers.

The Curly Cape Products are Made in the USA


“I absolutely love my curly cape! This product came at just the right time. I recently cut my hair and began exploring a natural hair care regimen. The cape keeps all products off my clothing and body. It’s also nice to spray my hair down with water and not feel drenched. The curly cape is a “must have” product to accompany your hair routine!! I use it on my daughter too. And Girl! My daughter lovesss it lol. It’s big on her but she likes not having water all on the back of her shirt.”


“I ordered the “red light special” and it delivered on all fronts.  The cape is very well made and I like the fact that it’s made of microfiber so not only does it keep product off of your skin but you can also use it to dry areas of your hair as well.  Also, even when I’m not using it for my hair it works great for protecting your clothes while applying my makeup.  Great product overall!”